Employees Are Starting to Miss Office Benefits

Working full-time at home is now a bore for employees. It’s no surprise considering how most employees have been executing their day-to-day responsibilities at home for almost 2 years.

According to a survey conducted by the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, a business development agency, as the endemic continues, 70% of employees prefer to spend time in the office, while a third prefer to work from renting out coworking spaces, such as Airbnbs, and holiday homes. In the report, employees are feeling inclined to return to their workplaces by in-office privileges. 42% said coffee, food, and snacks would entice them to come back, 35% said comfortable furnishings would encourage them, and 33% said access to outdoor workstations would entice them.

“These insights are assisting us in determining how to meet the future of work by optimizing the new hybrid workplace and at the same time, balancing employee well-being and productivity,” said Mary-Claire Burick, the president of the Rosslyn BID, in a statement. “As the future of employment continues to shift, community leaders around the country are continually seeking effective solutions,” she states.

The routines and anxieties of the last 18 months have left people desiring variety, despite how working from home has gradually become more common. According to a Morning Consult poll, 31% of employees still prefer to work from home full-time, 45% prefer to stay in the office five days a week, and 24% want an equal split of work and home time. 


Approaches to Create Practical Workspace

Bryan Murphy, CEO of Breather, a private workspace provider, said the workplace may inspire productivity and cooperation even if employees only assemble a few times per week. Getting out of the rut of working from home could provide the lift that employees require. “Humans are naturally social beings, and no one wants to be alone all day, every day, not seeing other people,” Murphy says. “People want to be able to spend some peaceful time away from their families when they need to be extremely productive or make a client call.” Nevertheless, people will constantly crave the social aspect even in the comfort of working from home.

According to the Rosslyn BID poll, employees are open to new ways of working, especially if they have access to an outside workplace where they may communicate effectively. 76% of those surveyed thought working outside would increase productivity, and 86% said it would improve their mental health. With so many options and incentives available, companies should think outside the box when imagining what employment looks like today.

“Hybrid has taken on a new significance, and employees have more choice than ever, before in where they want to work,” Jennifer Burns, EVP of developer Monday Properties, said in a statement. “How we see hybrid working has a lot more to do with innovative, intelligent facilities than it does with home versus workplace. We have changed the way we design places depending on how they will be used in the future to create healthy, safe, and productive settings.” 


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