Uchida AJ2 Chair – Quality That Makes The Brand

Setting out to redefine an office favorite, Japan Industrial Designer Association’s Chairperson Takashi Asaka & his design partner Akinari Asaka rose to the challenge to renew the Iconic Uchida AJ office chair series. The result – Uchida AJ2 – an immaculately improved design keeping the iconic features of the original while adding refined functions and design that caters to today’s working way & environment.

Gentle but strong.

Designed with a 3D mesh structure made of muti-cell structure, Uchida AJ2’s back rest provides ventilation and flexibly accommodate different body builds. The intellectual moulding fully utilizes linear and geometrical lines from the back providing a flexible hugging support so users always feel comfortable even with long hours of sitting. The cell of 3D mesh structure pursuing an ideal elasticity distribution can control the variation ratio which is similar to the combination of different size and shape and achieve the optimal holding sense.

3D mesh that reacts to the human body.

Bigger vents are intentionally allocated around the shoulder area of the mesh backrest to change the shape flexibly when leaning, stretching, or turning around. Vents around the lower back area are made smaller to support the lumbar firmly.

Weight sensing mechanism.

Uchida AJ2 comes with a weight sensing mechanism that can automatically adjust backrest tension to interact with the current user. It provides optimum sitting mode without any special adjustment, allowing Uchida AJ2 to perform as intended without any configuration. It achieves the optimal reclining tensions that responds to the users’ physique.

Abundant volume seat cushion.

50mm thickness cushion produced by firm urethane will receive your weight properly and promote optimum body pressure distribution for comfort that last even during long period of sitting.


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